Rental agreement

Clauses in the lease agreement

For reasons of document size, it is not mandatory to print the Clauses with the Lease Agreement pages. However, if you wish, you may print these detailed clauses and co-sign them.

1. Parties to the Lease Agreement

The Rental Agreement is entered into between the Renter (Good Motors Agency) and the Lessee. It establishes the terms and conditions for the Hirer to rent a Vehicle from Good Motors Agency.

2. Responsibilities of Good Motors agency

Good Motors agency is committed to renting a motorcycle :

  • that is in compliance with the law or regulation of the country (France) of registration of the Vehicle;
  • for which the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer has been carried out and for which all safety equipment is, to the best of its knowledge, in perfect condition, in particular the tires, brakes, headlights and lights, steering fork, as well as the presence of all safety equipment required in the country of registration of the Vehicle
  • which is insured for at least one third of the year and by any other compulsory insurance according to the laws of the country of registration of the Vehicle.
  • of which it is and remains the owner for the duration of the Rental or for which it has the owner's express authorization and, in any case, which it is authorized to rent;
  • with a copy of the vehicle registration certificate given to the lessee;

Good Motors Agency will not rent the Vehicle if it is aware of a technical problem affecting the safety of the Vehicle.

3. Tenant's Responsibilities

Tenant agrees to:

  • comply with the available insurance conditions:
  • No at-fault bodily injury claims with aggravating circumstances in the last 36 months and/or 2 or more at-fault property claims
  • To circulate in the European space only
  • not to exceed significantly the mileage indicated at the time of the reservation on the site without notifying Good Motors agency;
  • Use the Vehicle in a reasonable and responsible manner;
  • return the Vehicle in a clean condition and with the same level of fuel as at the beginning of the rental;
  • Do not entrust the steering of the Vehicle to another person
  • not abandon the Vehicle after an accident or breakdown, and keep it under his responsibility until Good Motors agency assistance can intervene.

4. Procedure in case of accident or theft

Tenant shall immediately notify the police or appropriate authorities in the event of an accident involving persons, theft, loss, fire, game damage or other damage and obtain a report or record of the conditions under which the incident occurred.

The Hirer is also required to inform Good Motors agency of any event affecting the Vehicle as soon as possible.

The Renter agrees, in the event of an accident with a third party, to scrupulously follow the "Instructions for the Renter" given by Good Motors agency at the beginning of the Rental.

If a repair is necessary, Tenant must notify and obtain authorization from Good Motors Agency before undertaking the repair.

In any event, the Renter has a maximum of two working days in the event of theft or attempted theft and five working days in the event of accident, fire or any other event from the date of the loss to declare a loss to Good Motors Agency, by sending an e-mail to Good Motors Agency's customer service department at the following address: vroom@goodmotors.agency. After this deadline, the insurance (and the reduction of the deductible) will not cover the claim and all costs will be borne by the Tenant. Under no circumstances should the Tenant wait until the end of the rental period to report a claim.

5. Liability in case of accident or theft

The Hirer is responsible for the Vehicle in his or her custody for the duration of the Hire Agreement.

The Vehicle, as well as all accessories made available to the Hirer, must be returned in the same condition as recorded at the beginning of the Rental and at the date and time specified in the Rental Agreement.

In the event of theft, damage to the Vehicle or its accessories caused by the fault of the Hirer or in the absence of fault of an identified third party, or failure to return the Vehicle, the Hirer shall be liable for all costs incurred.

In the event of damage at the end of the rental period, the Hirer undertakes to immediately leave a security deposit with Good Motors agency. The amount of this deposit is the amount of the insurance excess in the event of a claim, i.e. between €500 and €3,000 depending on the value of the vehicle.

    The photos taken during the inventory of fixtures and return must carefully respect the indications of shooting. For the tenant, all attempts at fraud will result in a non-refund of the deposit, as well as the banishment of Good Motors agency.

    Tenant and Good Motors agency also agree to the following terms:

    • In the event of a flat tire, the renter is responsible for the cost of the tires. If Good Motors agency has to change two tires due to a flat tire, the Renter shall pay for the replacement of one tire and 50% of the cost of a second tire. If the puncture is due to abnormal age of the tires, all costs shall be borne by Good Motors Agency.
    • In the event of loss or theft of the Vehicle key during the Rental Period, the Hirer shall be liable for the cost of producing a new key for Good Motors agency, and if specifically requested by Good Motors agency, 50% of the cost of changing the lock and the complete set of keys.

    6. Liability in case of breakdown

    Good Motors agency is responsible for the maintenance of its Vehicle, and mechanical and electronic failures are therefore its responsibility. However, if Good Motors Agency believes that the Lessee is responsible for a breakdown due to use of the Vehicle contrary to the terms of the Lease Agreement, Good Motors Agency may commission an independent expert to attest to this. As a result of the joint expert appraisal, the responsibility for the breakdown will be determined. If the Hirer is found responsible for the breakdown, he/she shall pay for all the repairs incurred as well as the expert's fees incurred by the Hirer, if any.

    In the event of a breakdown not related to use of the Vehicle contrary to the terms of the Rental Agreement, the Renter may terminate the Rental Agreement and be reimbursed for the unused rental time.

    7. Contraventions

    A Lessee who commits a violation resulting in a ticket shall bear the cost of the ticket. A Lessee who receives a ticket or believes that he/she has committed a violation as determined by an automatic inspection must notify Good Motors agency upon return of the Vehicle.

    The Hirer shall be liable for a service charge of 30 Euros, in addition to the amount of the ticket, for each violation that occurs during the Rental Period.

    8. Compensation and penalties

    If the Tenant wishes to modify the duration of the Rental Contract, he/she must request an extension by e-mail (vroom@goodmotors.agency) before the end of the Rental Contract.

    In the event that the Hirer returns the Vehicle later than agreed, the Hirer will be liable for the following late penalties:

    • The Vehicle is returned less than 24 hours after the scheduled time: 10 euros per full hour of delay, due to Good Motors agency.
    • The Vehicle is returned more than 24 hours after the scheduled time: 200 euros penalty due to Good Motors agency, plus an additional 50 euros penalty for each full day of delay, also due to Good Motors agency. The Hirer is also liable for any additional day's rental, charged at the normal rate for an extended rental. Fuel adjustments, if any, are also due from the Tenant. Please note that in accordance with the Insurance Terms and Conditions, the Renter will not be covered by Good Motors agency Insurance for damage to the Vehicle. In the event of a delay of more than one day, a complaint for theft may be filed by Good Motors agency with the competent authorities.

    Tenant also agrees to compensate Good Motors agency for :

    • 50 Euros if the Vehicle is abnormally dirty on the outside;

    If the dirt requires the intervention of a professional (painting, stickers, etc.), the Tenant must pay the invoice that will be established by this professional.

    9. Insurance coverage

    The Good Motors agency Vehicle has been rented through the Good Motors agency website, therefore, subject to compliance with the insurance conditions, the use of the Vehicle by the Renter is covered by the Mutuelle du motard insurance policy subscribed by Good Motors agency. The insurance guarantees from which the Renter benefits as well as the obligations in the event of a claim are indicated in the GCU.

    If the insurance conditions are respected, the Hirer shall automatically benefit from the insurance guarantees subscribed by Good Motors agency with the Mutuelle des Motards within the limits of the operating conditions of this insurance.

    If Good Motors agency or the Hirer causes a lapse in insurance coverage by failing to comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance, he/she shall be personally liable for all consequences of any loss.

    10. Use of Good Motors Agency assistance

    The Hirer may, in the event of a breakdown or accident to the Vehicle, call upon the assistance of Good Motors agency.

    The Renter shall immediately inform Good Motors agency at the following number:

    Breakdown service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Coverage of expenses up to 180€ except for spare parts, which remain the responsibility of the beneficiary.

    11. Use of the Good Motors agency payment service

    Good Motors agency and the Lessee may use the payment service for any payment due from one party to the other. Such payments may include, for example:

    • mileage-based settlements
    • compensation for fuel level differences
    • the compensation and penalties provided for in Article 9 of these clauses of the Rental Agreement

    12. Application of the Lease Agreement

    In the event of a disagreement in the application of the Rental Agreement, the Renter and Good Motors agency undertake to seek an amicable solution.

    In the event of failure to reach an agreement, Good Motors Agency and the Lessee may turn to the competent court.